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Summer Tyres

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We present the best selling models of summer tyres. These are products which enjoy the greatest popularity among our customers. These best selling tyres are a combination of good quality and a decent price.

Summer tyre ranking

Summer tyre ranking is created basing on the ratings added by our webshop users. It is a list of 10 best rated summer tyre models.


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Right now there are over one hundred tyre manufacturers. Check our summer tyre offer from the most popular manufacturers.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres The summer tyres are recommended from spring till autumn. They are made of rubber mixes that perform best at temperatures of over 7°C. At lower temperatures, the summer tyres stiffen and lose traction.

Summer tyres may have a symmetric, asymmetric or directional tread pattern. This type of equipment has fewer indentations and lamellas compared to other tyres, which improves its traction on dry surfaces. The summer tyre tread patterns also perform well on wet surfaces (in terms of efficient water draining and protection against hydroplaning).

These tyres are recommended for drivers who travel about 5-6 thousand kilometres a year in extra-urban or urban to extra-urban conditions, but they are also the right equipment for drivers who prefer the dynamic and aggressive driving style. The summer tyres ensures their highest safety during the summer even at high speed. As an additional advantage, they have low operating noise levels, therefore many users consider them the most comfortable tyre type.

The summer tyre outline (contour around the tread) is circular, which ensures low rolling friction and very good traction. Further, the low rolling friction considerably reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Owing to those features, many models are treated as "green" products on the market. The design of such products is advanced in terms of technology and ensures low fuel consumption and comfortable operation. Yet another advantage of the summer tyres is their higher durability compared to the winter or all season products. Among other things, this results from the fact that the summer tyres are made of a tougher rubber mix compared to the other tyre types.

The summer tyre manufacturers continuously improve their technologies for the products to combine safety, good traction on both wet and soft surfaces, low noise levels and reduced fuel consumption. What is important, this type of tyres do not bear any standard markings related to seasonality.
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