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Apollo recommended tyres

Apollo Alnac 4G

5 reviews

From 60 pcs.

In our offer, we have 12 Apollo tyre models
priced from 50 € to 173 €.

Apollo car tyres

Apollo Amazer XP
From 50 pcs.
Apollo Alnac 4G All Season

15 reviews

From 56 pcs.
Apollo Aspire 4G

1 review

From 62 pcs.

4 reviews

From 67 pcs.
Apollo Aspire 4G+
No image
From 69 pcs.
Apollo Alnac 4G Winter
From 70 pcs.
Apollo Amazer 4G ECO
From 81 pcs.
Apollo Aspire XP Winter
From 114 pcs.

Apollo 4x4 tyres

Apollo Apterra HT 2
From 87 pcs.

Apollo Van tyres

Apollo Altrust+
From 102 pcs.
The tyre brand Apollo comes from India where it was established in 1972. It is owned by the company of the same name which thrives from the beginning of its creation. Apollo Tyres owns both the Dutch company Vredestein and Dunlop from the Republic of South Africa. Apollo tyres are installed, among others, in VW Polo cars which are manufactured in India. This brand is characterised by its perfect price and quality ratio. The Apollo tyre models are exported to dozens of countries around the world. These Apollo tyres are the most popularly-chosen: Acelere, Amazer and Acelere Winter. Please see our offer for more details on the Apollo brand.

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Our customers' opinions on Apollo tyres:

  • Duratec 4.4

    Apollo Alnac 4G All Season

    I have had these tyres a year. I checked them in all possible weather conditions. I used seasonal tyres before. Apollo tyres really surprised me very positively. Dry road, heavy rain, snow, ice, frost, heat. Impeccable driving in all conditions. Over 20 thousand km have fallen just over 1mm. So they wear moderately and not very quickly. In the summer, even in hot weather, there is no way the mix was too soft and the tyres squeaked - which I was a bit afraid of buying. They are very quiet like high-class summer tyres. With proper air pressure, they suppress unevenness well. Even during sharp cornering, the car is very stable and nothing floats. I don't know what faults I could mention. Even See more > the design of the tyres does not raise any objections.
  • irek 4.6

    Apollo Alnac 4G

    I chose the tires due to the C-B-rolling resistance grip on wet surfaces and 69 db volume and ADAC test where they were among the polecanych.tyres tire label reflects to your etykiety.Nie worse than the Fulda ecocontrol.Mam Hopefully attrition will be reasonable and resistant to several thousand data. km See more >