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In our offer, we have 5 Gislaved tyre models
priced from 73 € to 147 €.

Gislaved car tyres

Gislaved Urban Speed

2 reviews

From 73 pcs.
Gislaved EURO*FROST 6
From 82 pcs.
Gislaved Ultra Speed 2
From 82 pcs.

Gislaved Van tyres

Gislaved Com Speed
From 81 pcs.
Gislaved EURO*FROST Van
From 120 pcs.
Gislaved is a Swedish tyre brand which is known for its specialized production of tyres which offer safety on snowy and icy roads. Please find Gislaved tyres in our catalogue for winter and summer tyres of great quality. Gislaved tyres are nothing short of Scandinavian quality. The brand's products are manufactured based on the most advanced technologies. In our broad catalogue we offer Gislaved tyres intended for various types of cars. We have tyres to suit everyone's needs. Please see our offer for more details.

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