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Ovation recommended tyres

Ovation VI-388

164 reviews

From 62 pcs.
Ovation VI-682

32 reviews

From 46 pcs.
Ovation V-02

18 reviews

From 75 pcs.

In our offer, we have 9 Ovation tyre models
priced from 46 € to 160 €.

Ovation car tyres

Ovation VI-782 AS

1 review

From 51 pcs.
Ovation W586

17 reviews

From 55 pcs.

Ovation 4x4 tyres

Ovation VI-286 HT
From 72 pcs.
Ovation VI-386 HP
From 77 pcs.

Ovation Van tyres

Ovation V-07 AS
From 60 pcs.
Ovation WV-03

4 reviews

From 72 pcs.
Ovation tyres are products which very quickly gain more and more tyre markets around the world. When designing and producing tyres the Ovation brand pays special attention to the safety parameters, comfort and of course ecology. Ovation tyres is the ideal equipment for drivers who appreciate the quiet ride, without noise or excessive fuel consumption. This characteristic makes the Ovation tyres more and more popular. Check out our range of products with Ovation logo and see the performance of this tyre.

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Our customers' opinions on Ovation tyres:

  • Pablo 4.1

    Ovation VI-388

    Tires in existence for a few days. Unlike i would not added comment here, my tyres require assumptions weight of 5g to 20g max, I consider the ideal result. Even fitter was surprised such values. Ovation VI-388 tyre well, holding on to the road (dry asphalt). As for the rain I utters, because I have not checked. I already had Potenza and I will say frankly that I do not feel the difference. The relatively low noise. Already I command the next car with the power of 300 hp. I do not intend to overpay for a tire that stand max 4 seasons yet. See more >
  • Alessandro Di Renzo 4.3

    Ovation VI-682

    Hi .. it is the second time that I purchase ovation tires and I can say that I am very satisfied with the purchase and the seriousness of the Oponeo. This tire has a semi soft compound and I found it very performing in a dry asphalt situation. .also in the wet it is very effective, just look at the design of the tire design itself. Certainly this tire in relation to quality-price deserves a nice 9 for me. Hello alex See more >
  • nick oliver 4.8

    Ovation VI-388

    With these tires, I'm fine, they give me comfort and they last much cheaper. The only bad thing is that the protection of the Year at the sides, so you have to be very careful to platforms, if you touch the sguarci subisco of tires, in any case, should not affect the sicherezza . I am very happy. See more >
  • john k 3.8

    Ovation VI-682

    Mounted on a historic car with a weight of 1800 kg. Features: slightly soft shoulder. "Pendulum controllable in curves and counter-curves at" happy "speed. Deep and directional tread pattern, soft compound, holds well on wet, on excellent dry ground. Driving type: comfort - Quality / price ratio ok .- Excellent supply from Oponeo, both in terms of communication and speed of delivery. See more >