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Viking recommended tyres

Viking PROTECH 2

11 reviews

From 86 pcs.
Viking ProTech HP

5 reviews

From 91 pcs.

In our offer, we have 11 Viking tyre models
priced from 59 € to 322 €.

Viking car tyres


4 reviews

From 59 pcs.
Viking WinTech
From 61 pcs.
Viking ProTech NewGen
From 65 pcs.
Viking FourTech
From 75 pcs.

Viking Van tyres

Viking TransTech NewGen
No image
From 77 pcs.
From 91 pcs.
Viking FourTech Van
From 92 pcs.
Viking WinTech Van
From 94 pcs.
Viking TransTech

1 review

From 145 pcs.
Viking brand started to produce first rubber equipment in 1931. The brand's name refers to the Viking population which combined in itself bravery and craftsmanship. Viking tyres with their good quality are available in the international tyre markets. In the early 90's the brand was taken over by the world famous Continental company. This combination makes the Viking tyres increasingly popular among drivers. We are sure that in our offer of Viking tyres you will find something appropriate for yourself. You're welcome to do the shopping!

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Our customers' opinions on Viking tyres:

  • Viking 4.3

    Viking CITYTECH 2

    Tires bought some "fasting", began to look Fulda, but it was a total failure of the old facilities GOODYEAR NCT5 and needed a tire immediately. In the workshop, they were on the Viking. A little hesitant, but I bought it and a total of no regrets. It is difficult to compare with other tires - because of ośmioletnimi GOODYEAR-friend, it's like changing shoes on running shoes for half the national average. I can compare to 3 years, s BARUM Bravuris 2 of the Corsa C by my wife and I are quieter, behave similarly to dry in the rain are better / safer, it seems that slowly wear ( Barumy are impermanent), while The only drawback for some may appearance. Sam tread is approx. While See more > the Vikings have too many graphics on the tire sidewall.
  • Draco 3.7

    Viking CITYTECH 2

    Tires strong as hell. What I had Stomil age of 89 in Polish, horribly rolling resistance duży.Samochód lost vivacity and moves like smoły.Opory posed by the tire still feel by turning the steering wheel while driving and to stop it altogether ( although support) .Trakcje waiting well. Previously, I had to Nexen and the difference is huge for Nexen, I do not recommend this pneus..Za the money you can buy something much better. See more >