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Michelin Tyres

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One of the largest premium tyre manufacturers in the world, Michelin is a company known not only by motorists, but also by food lovers and those who like tourism. Alongside having the most recognisable corporate mascot in the world, this is how the French tyre company can be described in brief.

Michelin tyres are characterised by some of the most advanced technological solutions, while the company's plants are among the most modern. Each Michelin tyre model offers the highest level of performance and always offers something new and previously unprecedented in terms of technology. A good example of this is the Michelin CrossClimate — the first winter-approved summer tyre. Of course, the company also has an extensive range of winter tyres and all-season tyres

This brand's tyres often win awards in the biggest tests conducted by automotive magazines. Their high positions on these ranking lists go hand in hand with the extremely positive feedback from drivers. The quality of Michelin tyres is also demonstrated by victories in motorsport rallies and races, including Formula 1, WRC, 24 Hours of Le Mans, MotoGP and cross-country cycling.

Interesting facts:

Michelin is not just one of the most innovative manufacturers, but also one of the oldest. It was founded by brothers André and Édouard in 1889.

The brand is also famous for issuing travel guides and awarding the best restaurants in the world its mark of quality — the Michelin star. It was André Michelin himself who came up with the idea.

Bibendum, the brand's symbol, is the famous Michelin Man. In 2000, Bibendum won Michelin the title of best logo of all time. The first poster depicting this figure was created in 1898 by the artist Marius Rossillon.

The company has developed a patent for radial tyres, developed the XAS model designed for high-performance cars and produced the first "green" tyre, the Green X.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • valdi 4.9 111150

    Michelin ALPIN 5

    I was wondering what tires to choose from. Continental did not have my size (850), so I chose the Michelin Alpin 5. I did a bit of soul on his shoulder because of the tests and examinations not heard (except for less ADAC). I do not know why there are still four alpine well. not many know, but today I did the first few hundred miles ..... and is stable and fairly quiet (I got up to 150 and the noise really a minimum, but the most important .. the burning of 400 km and average left me 4.9 / 100 where the tire I have been the same player 5.2-5.4 SURPRISE !!!! MORE horrible if someone can help, because few comments on the net :) I would personally recommend the course evaluation on snow and More > wet roads I wrote because I had to but I got barely dry.
  • Orpheus 4.1 111150

    Michelin PILOT SPORT 3

    Tyre Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 is in many respects better than the PS2. First of all, wet performance is better than any other summer tyre in this dimension. The tyre is exceptionally resistant to aquaplaning (with the dimension), which allows for much safer and more enthusiastic driving in the rain. Behavior on dry roads leaves nothing to complain about. The braking distance can be slightly shorter than the other tyres, however grip cornering and stability at fast speeds (above 260 km / h on German motorways) are at the highest level. The tyre rubs off faster, but it's a plus soft compound, providing such parameters. The tyre worth its price. I would recommend Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 to those More > who like fast driving a powerful car.
  • Jacek 5.0 11111

    Michelin CrossClimate

    I bought donuts immediately after the appearance on the market. Both on dry and wet roads revelation compared to my tires porzednich much harder to break the tension, tested and on dry and wet asphalt. As you probably all existing users waiting for the first snow :) I recently had an unpleasant situation because it made me screw, the air began to appear rather quickly when the evening pumped the next morning, he was already slipper and a note-can quietly get any thrills or swell or vulcanization, the pressure maintained in the range of 0.5 bar. I think it is because of the higher load index (V) After the correction fortunately preserved. Auto or not light because the generation wagon Mazda More > 6. I greet all the happy users :)
  • Paolo Malaguti 4.6 111150

    Michelin ENERGY SAVER

    On mountain roads strongly recommends keeping tire pressure 3/4 higher decimal points. So you get the best regular consumption and a longer lifetime of the same in terms Kilometrici without affecting comfort accordingly. With this arrangement, pay a little more careful when cornering on wet roads. It will keep in any case a good seal in the event of sudden braking and planing on the water. I also found a reduction in fuel consumption by 2%. Km. 25 000 currently paths on the mountain roads for 70%, the current wear equal to 75% before the "marker" to wear. I hope Essevi been helpful. My professional activities: public taxi service. My driving experience: since 1979. My km roads in More > total to date: 2575000.
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